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Success Stories

Lots of reasons to join Iroquois

“Why would an independent agent want to do business with The Iroquois Group? I can tellIndependent insurance agent talk about volume commitments, more you some of the reasons why we chose to do so over 15 years ago… Great companies with reasonable volume commitments for small and medium sized agencies….Profit Sharing that far exceeds what we could get on our own….and a real partner—professionals who are there when you need them. Iroquois offers flexible arrangements to fit our needs with different companies too. We joined Iroquois in 1995 and we have never looked back.”

H. Duncan Creelman - Creelman Insurance Associates, Inc., Waldorf, Md.

More markets meant major growth

“As a small agency owner, when I needed markets to complement my existing representation, I contacted Iroquois and was able to match up with several carriers that fit my needs and are helping me grow. My agency has doubled since joining Iroquois.”

Maggie Chenault - Chenault Insurance Services, Laurel, Md.

No identity crisis for Pa. agency

"Like most agencies, we were reluctant at first to join Iroquois. We were concerned we would lose our identity with our clients as well as our relationships with our carriers. But joining Iroquois turned out to be one of the wisest decisions we ever made! We have more markets than ever and we have a stronger relationship and presence with all of our carriers. We are able to provide better products and service to our clients because of our collective strength with Iroquois. And the best part of all, for the second year in a row we received profit sharing checks that were just unimaginable before Iroquois!"

Edward Caruso - Caruso & Associates, King of Prussia, Pa.


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